Animal Rescue/ Mobile Clinic

With rapid urbanization and ever rising number of vehicles, there are increasing cases of cars running over street dogs and other animals resulting in severe and critical injuries. To provide immediate intervention, Jangsa successfully mobilized and now operates a mobile clinic van that serves the dual purpose of a utility van as well as an ambulance that rescues severely injured and sick animals to ensure critical medical treatment and care in time.

On an average, Jangsa attends to four to five emergency calls in a month. This has saved more than 300 dogs from severe injuries and provided timely treatment to about 500 dogs for minor injuries and diseases in the last two and a half years. Besides, Jangsa also maintains about 90 handicapped dogs at our Serbithang Animal Shelter in Thimphu on a permanent basis.

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust is pleased to share with you our 15 minutes documentary film "ZHIWAI LAMTOEN" The path of peace coinciding the auspicious Chotrul Dawa. The documentary highlights the journey undertaken by Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche and his team of Jangsa volunteers across the country advocating on the choice of food and its consequences based on scientific and spiritual reasonings. As part of the advocacy, the documentary depicts the use of theatre act titled "Aiee," as a medium to engage and exhibits the gradual decline of compassion from ones heart if one engages in non-virtuous act of killing. The documentary also follows the responses that the team had received from participants in schools, government offices and local communities across all 20 Dzongkhags. The documentary examines and sends out the message of peace with reflection on the noble and compassionate activities of successive dharma kings in Bhutan. Zhiwai- Lamtoen, the path of peace is brought to you by Jangsa Animal Saving Trust with the support from Brigitte Bardot Foundation.