Bhutan Foundation and DGPC supports Jangsa’s advocacy program

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust (JAST) received a fund support of Nu.213,150 for the conduct of Zhiwai Lamtoen:-“The Path of Peace,” from Bhutan Foundation, today (4th October 2017). Along with Bhutan Foundation, JAST also received a fund amount of Nu.100,000 from Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) for the program.


Zhiwai- Lamtoen- “The Path of Peace,” is one of the educative advocacy initiatives of Jangsa, which informs individuals on the choice of food and its consequences based on scientific and spiritual reasoning’s. It also presents, theatre act titled “Aiee,” exhibiting the gradual decline of compassion from ones heart as one engages in non-virtuous act of killing. The program in detail, presents the following: Spiritual discourse, a ‘Vajra Song’ composed by H.H Kyabje Je Khenpo, Scientific presentations, theatre titled “Aiee,” on the theme of the birth and death of compassion, documentary screenings, video presentations by Ven. Lama Matthieu Ricard and Smt. Maneka Gandhi.


We would like to thank Bhutan Foundation and DGPC for supporting our organization’s ongoing mission to inform people mostly younger youths on choice of food and foster understanding on the consequences of individual nutritional choice. The program is scheduled to be conducted, starting end of October and for the period of one month, in 7 different venues covering Thimphu, Chukha and Haa District.


In its past conduct, Zhiwai-Lamtoen, saw overwhelming responses and impacts in terms of institutional and individual behavioral changes, as evident by request to conduct the programs in more than a single place and over 10,000 people voluntarily committing to be vegetarian. Thus, it is observed that Zhiwai Lamtoen has touched the hearts of many people and it is our intent to make consistent effort for greater changes in terms of individual nutritional choice and communities as a whole.


Similarly, this year we expect to reach out to more than 3000 individuals, assess responses and impacts in their individual nutritional choices.


Lastly, this wouldn’t be possible without the support and generous assistance from Bhutan Foundation and DGPC. Therefore, we would like to once again extend our heartfelt thanks to Bhutan Foundation and DGPC for their kind support. We pledge to be the most worthy partner with your good organizations.