March 2016: HE Khamtrul Rinpoche graced the Jangsa Animal Shelter in Serbithang, on the outskirts of Thimphu, with an entourage of disciples and followers, with offerings of food and monetary support, and most importantly – his prayers, aspirations and blessings for the animals in particular and sentient beings in general. While offering his guidance and […]

New Zealand has set an incredible precedent by legally ruling on what nature lovers already know to be true: that animals are sentient and have feelings in the same way that we do. This marks an incredibly shift in public perception, where previously only some animals were given the benefit of protection. The Animal Welfare Bill that passed […]

There have been many doubts on the question of eating egg. As far as pure vegetarianism goes – one must abstain from eating both types of eggs – farm egg and factory egg. As the most eminent spiritual authority on vegetarianism, the great Yogi and Maha-Siddha Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche emphatically stated, “As a means of […]

The saving of animal lives, regularly conducted by Jangsa, besides imparting the supreme gift of ‘Soklu – the Breathe of Relief’ and accumulating the immeasurable merit of ‘Tsethar – Saving Lives’, also creates the ‘Tendrel – auspicious connections’ between the sacred Dharma and everybody involved in the process – from the saved animals, patrons, monks, […]

22nd Oct: Lama Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche addressed a new group of active animal welfare advocates and ‘Tsethar’ practitioners know informally as Druedro Rawang in the Jangsa office premises. The ensuing discussions on a very auspicious day of national commemorations was very open-ended, spontaneous, free-flowing and resulted in many fruitful outcomes: Lama Rinpoche instructed the Khenpos, […]