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Jangsa Animal Saving Trust

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust was established by Lama Kunzang Dorjee in 2000 after a personal experience of ‘auspicious coincidence’ when five bulls appeared to seek refuge from the slaughterhouse at his main seat monastery of Jangsa Dechen Choling. This incident of saving of the five bulls heralded the inception of Jangsa blessed by the spiritual patronage of Their Holiness Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche and the 70th Je Khenpo – Trulku Jigme Choeda Rinpoche.

Jangsa is now a registered NGO engaged in the spiritual practice of Tsethar- ‘saving of animals lives’, and actively involved in all fields of animal welfare – rescuing injured and sick animals, providing medical intervention and care, and maintaining animals in shelters, sanctuaries and pasturelands in Bhutan and India.

The higher purpose of Jangsa is to create the environs of active ‘Compassion in Action’ in the kingdom through the method of universal love for animals to ultimately inculcate the realization of Bodhicitta in all sentient beings.

By the truth of interdependence and the power of aspirations and dedications, Jangsa’s activities are the seeds that will enhance the collective karma of our world and links all beings to activities of great merits. A key function of Jangsa is to collectively engage our younger generation, communities, private and public organizations, and religious and government institutions in the ethos of ‘Compassion in Action’ and Bodhicitta.

Over the years, Jangsa has saved and maintained thousands of animals – large and small, Sheltered in 7 sanctuaries run by about 18 caretakers in the kingdom besides sanctuaries in India. Jangsa animal shelter in Serbithang, Thimphu alone has rescued 8976 animals, mostly sick dogs, according to our records.

Jangsa routinely engages with all our partners in all areas to uplift the plight of animals and enhance our collective karma, wherever possible. A successful intervention, a case in point, was our humble request duly granted by to His Majesty the King for the institution of Anti-Cruelty and Animal Welfare Legislations in our Dharma Kingdom.

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