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Jangsa Animal Saving Trust
Animals are the means, Bodhicitta is the aim. The love for animals is innate and universal encompassing  people of all religion, race, creed, and other narrow definitions. Jangsa envisons and aspires that this relative love for animals cultivates the fertile ground that nurtures the realization of the ultimate aim of Bodhicitta – that is the grand union of wisdom and compassion.
The union of Wisdom and Compassion, like the two wings on a bird, is indispensable to the spiritual path. When the universal compassion towards animals that all people possess is devoid of wisdom, it can lead to unforeseen and unauspicious  consequences, as exemplified in the timeless saying of Guru Rinpoche thus – “When compassion gets old, it turns to anger.”
 As Bhutan is the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism in our troubled world, Jangsa aspires to preserve and promote our precious spiritual heritage by imbuing, embodying and cultivating a culture of Bodhicitta throughout Bhutan as a living tradition of a Dharma Kingdom,  to be exemplified to the world at large.
Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche – founder of Jangsa Animal Saving Trust – summed up the raison d’etre of Jangsa thus – “Bhutan upholds the wisdom traditions of Buddhism that is as deep and vast as the ocean. When the whole world is tormented in the fires of the five poisons, we must preserve these precious traditions because if the ocean catches fire, then the whole world is devoid of all means of refuge and liberation.”

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