During the conduct of Zhiwai Lamten – the Jangsa national education program – around the nation, many schools came forward and spontaneously offered the animals maintained by the school for voluntary ‘Tsethar’. Upon the voluntary request of the school authorities, Lama Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche, together with Khenpo, Geshe and anis of Kingarabten Ani Dratshang, conducted […]

They say – “A picture reveals more than a thousand words”. And so these snapshots taken during the conduct of the holistic Jangsa education program across all 20 dzongkhags in Bhutan showcases the Natural Compassion and Devotion inherent – almost as second nature – in the subliminal consciousness of all Bhutanese. Natural compassion and devotion […]

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust is pleased to share with you our 15 minutes documentary film "ZHIWAI LAMTOEN" The path of peace coinciding the auspicious Chotrul Dawa. The documentary highlights the journey undertaken by Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche and his team of Jangsa volunteers across the country advocating on the choice of food and its consequences based on scientific and spiritual reasonings. As part of the advocacy, the documentary depicts the use of theatre act titled "Aiee," as a medium to engage and exhibits the gradual decline of compassion from ones heart if one engages in non-virtuous act of killing. The documentary also follows the responses that the team had received from participants in schools, government offices and local communities across all 20 Dzongkhags. The documentary examines and sends out the message of peace with reflection on the noble and compassionate activities of successive dharma kings in Bhutan. Zhiwai- Lamtoen, the path of peace is brought to you by Jangsa Animal Saving Trust with the support from Brigitte Bardot Foundation.