Zhiwai Lamten

During the conduct of Zhiwai Lamten – the Jangsa national education program – around the nation, many schools came forward and spontaneously offered the animals maintained by the school for voluntary ‘Tsethar’.

Upon the voluntary request of the school authorities, Lama Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche, together with Khenpo, Geshe and anis of Kingarabten Ani Dratshang, conducted a ‘Tshethar’ ceremony for the fishery maintained by Samcholing MSS, Trongsa.

The caretaker of the fishery said, “Normally the bigger fishes do not come to the surface for fear of being caught. But today, it is wondrous how all the fishes, even the big ones, came to the surface on their own. This is truly marvellous and a sign of the auspiciousness of the ceremony.”

With this ceremony, an auspicious culture of compassion has been inculcated and established in the school, that will forever sows the ‘seeds of compassion’, for all generations of students to come. Lhagyalwo