His Eminence Khamtrul Rinpoche supports Jangsa

March 2016: HE Khamtrul Rinpoche graced the Jangsa Animal Shelter in Serbithang, on the outskirts of Thimphu, with an entourage of disciples and followers, with offerings of food and monetary support, and most importantly – his prayers, aspirations and blessings for the animals in particular and sentient beings in general.

While offering his guidance and instructions to the congregation that included Jangsa staff and members, Rinpoche also offered his appreciation for the work of Jangsa in uplifting the plight of all animals and creating a national environment and culture of Bodhicitta (union of wisdom and compassion) through the universal medium of service to animals in keeping with the essence and ethos of a Dharma Kingdom.

HE Khamtrul offered and pledged the following:
Nu. 80,000 for pig shed maintenance
26 nos. of blankets for dogs
4 blower heaters
Additional supplies of rice (to supplement the food and rice Jangsa collects from RTC) for a whole year.

Jangsa is grateful to HE Khamtrul Rinpoches compassionate and vast activities and offers prayers for his long life and fledging activities.