His Majesty awards Jangsa the National Award of Merit (gold) on National Day


17th December, 2016:   During the august 109th National Day commemorations taking place at the historic seat of the Wangchuck dynasty in Trongsa, His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo awarded Jangsa Animal Saving Trust the National Award of Merit (gold), along with 22 other CSOs who were similarly honoured.

To mark the august ocassion with renewed auspiciousness, Jangsa conducted the ‘Tsethar’ of two bulls in Haa and dedicated the merit towards the long lives of our Dharma Kings, and the continued well being and flourishing of the timeless values of our Dharma Kingdom.

His Majesty, during the course of his address to the nation, emphasised the vital role of CSO’s in society at large, in providing job opportunities and shaping the collective destiny of our nation.

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust is deeply honoured by the bestowal such a prestigious honour that redeems our aspirations and activities to further serve the cause of auspiciousness in our Dharma Kingdom.

Animals is the means. Bodhicitta is the end. To acheive the vast end of cultivating an environ of Bodhcitta – a grand union of wisdom and compassion – Jangsa engages in the means of animal welfare.

Jangsa conducts ‘Tsethar’ or the saving of the lives of animals, voiceless and helpless, in many dzongkhags of our kingdom, and provides them caretakers, food, medical care and the general welfare of all the animals for their natural lifespan.

However, the higher purpose of Jangsa is to infuse the universal compassion for animals felt by all regardless of race, creed and religion, with the depth of wisdom. Only Bodhicitta insures that the activities of Jangsa continue forward without worldly fatigue and human frustrations but is rather endowed with immeasurable merit, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The bestowal of such an honour by His Majesty the King, along with the continued blessings of all spiritual noble beings and protective guardians of our kingdom, are a renewed empowerment for Jangsa to strive harder in our activities for the benefit of all animals in distress in particular and all sentient beings in general.