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Jangsa Animal Saving Trust (JAST) is on a membership drive to further strengthen its effort on the field of animal welfare. This drive is aimed primarily to sustain the activities of JAST.
Therefore, Please! Lend a caring hand; your help would be invaluable.

JAST is a registered Non-Governmental Organization founded by Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche in the year 2000. It endeavors to foster conducive environs for the active practice of Tsethar- ‘the saving of animal lives,’ and is also actively engaged in all fields of animal welfare- rescuing injured, sick and disabled animals, providing them with medical treatments, food and care.

JAST has grown exponentially since its establishment, dictated by the needs and demands of the times. Today, Jangsa maintains about 700 bulls, 350 yaks, 180 pigs, and 240 goats, 2 fish ponds and a dog shelter spread over seven dzongkhags in Bhutan and in India. As per our annual report 2017, Jangsa in Thimphu alone has rescued more than 10,000 animals from imminent slaughter including dogs with injuries from motor vehicle accidents, sickness from diseases and injuries resulting from human trappings as per our annual report 2017.

The higher purpose of Jangsa is to create the environs of active ‘Compassion in Action’ in the kingdom through the method of universal love for animals to ultimately inculcate the realization of Bodhicitta in all sentient beings.

By the truth of interdependence and the power of aspirations and dedications, Jangsa’s activities are seeds that enhance the collective karma of our world and links all beings to activities of great merits. A key function of Jangsa is to collectively engage our younger generation, communities, private and public organizations, religious and government institutions in the ethos of ‘Compassion in Action’ and Bodhichitta.

Please, download the form and lend a caring hand !  Thank you.

Please, Visit our office :

NPPF building, 3rd floor,
Above FITI building,
Adjacent to swimming pool,
Doeboom Lam.
Contact No. 02-335482 or 77325599, 17643532